19.10.20 - Thank you so much to 'The Team' at Radio Wigwam for their constant support with my music - much appreciated .

17.10.20 - A big thank you to

'Wud Records' for constantly supporting me with my music...Amazing support.

20.10.20 - Thank you to the amazing Chris of 'Ferndale-Plymouth UK'. It was so nice to hear 'Carousel' being played on your amazing show - thank you so much Chris...

What Bryan is doing this month?
October - 2020

Just completed the 'Round Reading' 50km ultra marathon. Well organised, plenty of masks, gloves and sanitiser...

It was 28 celsius and I felt quite dehydrated at times.

As ever, pride, tenacity and music helped drag my weary legs over the finish line.

What Bryan is doing this month?
JULY  - 2020

My 'Centurian', 100 mile finisher belt buckle arrived though the letter box this week. 10 days after completing the Centurion 100 mile 'virtual' ultra marathon.

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